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About the Outfitter

A Driven and Seasoned Professional

  • Our job isn't to just  "get birds into range". We take extensive measures to keep birds feet down,  and back pedaling in the pocket.
  • Honker Hunts spends immense amounts of time focused on setting up incredible hunts for clients.
  • When hunting with Nick, there is no excuses for birds that don't finish, only fast solutions to get birds front and center, landing feet down in the decoys.
  • You will not be disappointed by bad shot calls, setups, or calling when you choose Honker Hunts.

Availability of Land 

  • Honker Hunts has secured THOUSANDS of acres of prime waterfowl hunting acreage in Ponca City, one of the hottest locations in the Central Flyway.

Quality Service

  • We believe in using only the best, top quality gear available. 
  • We use high quality decoys, to create unbeatable realism. This yields the best results in the situations that we hunt.
  •  Our groups are limited to a maximum of 8 hunters to ensure each hunter gets the best quality experience possible. 


  • We keep our groups small so we can keep you safe. 
  • Every process that we use during the hunt has been thought through and prepared to ensure you have the best experience possible.