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An Elite Experience

Events from a guide's perspective that paints the picture of your Honker Hunts Experience. 

The First Front


It had been a slow start to the season with the 70 degree temps and south winds blowing for weeks with seemingly no end. We had a big push of birds in late October, but since then, the weather has been less than ideal for killing geese. 

The honkers and cacklers had been loafing on a small pond adjacent to the wheat field they were feeding in.  The wind and location of the roost was perfect for setting up on the pond. The pond had a large brush pile next to it which would easily conceal the A-Frame, and the birds were comfortable over the water.

The morning of the hunt we rolled up to the pond to find out that the birds had decided to roost on it instead of flying back to the lake. This is the first time they had roosted on it all week. We bumped them off and set up the spread of Dave Smith Decoys. I had a feeling the birds would come back at daylight. Fortunately they did even though if they had not, I had a great afternoon hunt lined up as a backup plan. 

The hunters got in plenty of great shooting in as the birds came off the lake to the early morning loaf. Flock after flock arose from the lake just high enough off the ground to be considered flying. The big honkers had their wing set from a half mile off, and the cacklers were maple leafing as soon as they saw the spread. The hunters undoubtedly experienced Oklahoma's goose hunting at it's finest!  We ended up with a mixed bag of geese (Giants and Cacklers). The count at the end of the morning totaled  17 geese and 1 Mallard Drake. Between the jokes and friendly hazing in the blind, I couldn't have asked for a better group of hunters to take out on this hunt. They assured me I will be seeing them again soon for another great Oklahoma goose hunting experience!

January Specklebelly Loaf

01. 15.2018

We found this loaf early in the week, the majority of the birds were using this as a day loaf and roosting on a lake near by. The temps hadn’t broke 20 degrees in what seemed a like week and we watched it build wondering if the birds could keep it open. We worked on permission for about 3 days, then got the green light to go in. After a couple of late night stalks up to the pond dam to make sure it hadn’t froze, we decided to make our move. Showed up at day break to give the small groups time to get off. While we were sitting in the truck sipping on coffee, snow started hitting the windshield and we got the feeling that this was going to be a good one. Once the pond cleared, we did all we could to get set up in time to beat the lunch rush. By this time everything was covered in snow and the big feed to the east started to get noisy. We decided to get tucked in and wait for the show. Not often do specks come in on a string over water without a few passes, but every group of birds knew where they wanted to be and that was right at our feet. As a goose guide I couldn’t ask for a more phenomenal set of circumstances. The guys got some of the best Specklebelly action I’ve ever been apart of. 

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