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Hunter Testimonials

Adam Girouard, Nick

"Hunt in Oklahoma was on my bucket list. Shooting big greater Canadians were also on my bucket list. The laughs and memories with these guys will never be forgotten. To the guide that worked his ass off the whole entire time thanks. If anyone is looking for a great guide look up Honker hunts. This guide even swam across to go get one of our ducks and it was freezing. He put us on a lot of birds. Definitely an experience everyone should do. Thanks to the guys from here that invited me on this trip. I will definitely be going back up there."

Branson Melancon, Nick

"The hunts where very enjoyable, may dad and I have made some more great memories. If you are lucky you can experience Nick’s hard work to put you on birds, swim a river to retrieve a bird, or herd cows like a modern day cowboy out of the decoys so you can get a good shot. Can’t wait to go back! And a big thanks to Mr. Nick for all the great hunts."

Kelly Rundle​, Nick

"This was a fun hunt! Nick will make sure you are going to be on birds. His word and his reputation are solid. I will hunt again with him and hopefully this season!!"

Louis Romero, Nick

"AWESOME HUNT. This is my third time hunting with Nick. Will be back again"

Tracy Daniel, Nick

"If you’re looking for a quality guided waterfowling experience, look no further than Nick Spears with Honker Hunts. Nick does his homework and knows where the birds are. He is honest, pleasant, ethical, and law abiding. He utilizes top of the line decoys and blinds, and does everything possible to make your hunt comfortable and enjoyable."

Scott Hoffpauir, Nick

"Can’t ask for a better hunt and great memories Nick does his homework puts you on the birds and don’t disappoint he will even dance with the cow’s to give you a chance to shoot birds thanks Nick we WILL be back."

Kaylee Peterman, Nick

"Zach and Barrett had such a great hunt, thanks for bringing back the love for hunting birds!"